2023 Support for AEN WA


Vocational Service Director Tess Gardner introduced our guest speaker Irene Walker, EO of the Apprentice Employment Network WA (AEN WA), the peak employer association representing Member Group Training Organisations in WA and a Registered Not for Profit Charity. She explained the mission of AEN WA is to ensure members are trusted and supported by industry, the community and State and Australian governments, as they contribute to skilling a strong Western Australian workforce.

AEN WA members are Group Training Organisations (GTOs), who are dedicated employers of Apprentices and/or Trainees and who provide ongoing training and pastoral care throughout their host employment placements.

There are approximately 43,000 apprentices and trainees in WA. AEN WA works with state and federal governments to support approximately 7% of these through their 25 member organisations. The largest cohort is aged 20-24, with the second largest group aged 19 and under. Currently there are more males than females but the gender gap is closing.  Further information can be found on the AEN WA website.

The top trades (apprenticeships) for AEN members in 2023 were: Electricians, Building & Construction, Automotive, Metals & Manufacturing, and Hospitality & Tourism. While the top non trade areas or traineeships were: Finance/Property and Business Services, Transport & Storage, Utilities Electrotechnology & Printing and Primary Industries.

As a Not for Profit organisation, the Apprentice Employment Network is most grateful to all its wonderful partners and sponsors and could not exist without them. Irene explained the wonderful ongoing partnership with Karrinyup Rotary, which provides practical support for top apprentices and trainees.

Over several years of dedicated effort, previous Karrinyup Rotary Vocational Service Director and now President Kay Durrant instigated support sponsorship of the annual Apprentice Employment Network of WA Awards for Excellence. The Karrinyup Rotary awards benefit worthy students and assist them in providing necessary equipment, as they start their careers. This year the club provided Special Recognition Awards for thirteen outstanding candidates as assessed by the club's Vocational Service team.

Irene shared a synopsis of each of the thirteen Awardees and introduced the four, who were able to join us for the evening - Simone (Business), Sandy (Electrotechnology), Tanisha (Business) and Adrienne (Electronology). Each spoke briefly about their experiences, their goals and thanked the Rotary Club of Karrinyup for the award money along with advice of the essential work items their sponsorship had enabled them to purchase.

Irene thanked Karrinyup Rotary members and the Vocational Service team, especially Kay Durrant (the driving force behind the awards), as well as current Vocational Service Director Tess Gardner and Carolyn Prunster for their attendance at the Awards night and ongoing commitment and support. She also introduced members to representatives of two of the employers, who were able to join us for the evening.

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