2023 City of Stirling Art Awards Presentation


The Karrinyup Rotary Community Service team again sponsored the City of Stirling Biennial Art Awards with a prize for the local artist. President Kay and Community Service Director Mike attended the official opening on Friday 3 November, where Mike presented the awards on behalf of the club. 

The event, which was attended by a large crowd, was an invaluable networking opportunity for both Kay and Mike. President Kay said it was wonderful to meet the award recipients and hear their stories. She was especially moved to hear that Robyn Jean's portrait of Norma McDonald honoured a member of the stolen generation. This year the judges chose two worthy winners for the Rotary Club Karrinyup Local Artist award.

Marina van Leeuwen

5.48 Clotilde

Medium - Oil on canvas

Judge’s comments:

Beautiful colour and light, painterly brush strokes and mark making. Not overworked, atmospheric. A simple palette of soft greens and mauves gives the work a lovely energy. The painting works at different distances; far, middle and close up. It is almost abstract in composition when close up. Complex narratives are suggested.

Robyn Jean

Portrait of Norma MacDonald

Medium - Fine art photographic print.

Judge’s comments:

This work beautifully captures the essence of the sitter. There is clearly a strong relationship between the sitter and the artist here - a reverence for the subject. The artwork transposes the European canon and expands on it. There is accomplished use of light and dark shadow. It is technically excellent.

Photos shown here are by Miles Noel. 

The exhibition is open until Sunday 12 November (10am – 5pm daily) so there is still time to come visit.

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