Author's Name: Peter Polain
Date: Thu 27 Aug 2020

Karrinyup Community Mens Shed Project Complete


The RC Karrinyup has provided considerable funding for the establishment of the Karrinyup Community Men's Shed, at at 6 Jedda Road, Balcatta, which is now self-sufficient on an operational basis and no longer in need of support from RC Karrinyup. Project coordinator Peter Polain, whose dream it was to establish a Men's Shed within the local community, recently gave a close out report stating:

  • $10k of the remaining provision that the club set up to establish the Shed was drawn. That took total amount drawn to $33k out of a total provision of $50k. It is not anticipated that the shed will require any further financial support from RC Karrinyup.
  • To date the total cap ex for the Shed has been $104k but by leveraging the Rotary money the Shed committee was able to obtain various grants of $71k meaning that the Shed only used $33k of the anticipated $50k.
  • The Shed has now been operating for 2 years
  • Its operating expenses are covered by its own income.
  • It is managed and operated entirely by volunteers
  • The Shed is an outlet for men of various ages to engage in hobbies & activities and to interact socially. Age range is from 30’s to 80’s
  • Currently it is near capacity at 80 members. Most are healthy but some live with PTSD, autism, schizophrenia and dementia and for other members it is just a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

This project has been achieved because of Rotary and is an excellent demonstration of how Rotary can make a difference to people’s lives.

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