Karrinyup Community Mens Shed Update October 2020


Peter Polain introduced Jeff Crookes from the Karrinyup Community Men’s Shed (KCMS). This RC Karrinyup major Community Service project was planned some seven years ago, however, although the idea was well supported by the community as well as the City of Stirling, it was 2015 before a preliminary proposal was submitted to the Council and 2018 that the first meeting was held. The Shed has now become a reality and has been flourishing at 6 Jedda Road, Balcatta for two years. The RC Karrinyup has provided considerable funding for the establishment of the Shed, which is now self-sufficient on an operational basis and no longer in need of support from RC Karrinyup.

The KCMS is independent from, but supported by, the City of Stirling. While there had been some concern about community reaction, the Shed now enjoys strong support from the neighbours. It has grown from an initial group of forty to a current membership of eighty men from sixteen diverse nationalities.

The Aims of Men's Sheds Are:

  • to enjoy each other's company, promote self-worth and work ethics, while developing and sharing skills for the benefit of both the individual and the community.
  • enable men from many social and ethnic backgrounds to mix and learn. it's a place for men of all ages getting together, sharing fellowship and discovering the satisfaction of creation through the hands, and in turn changing the perception of the mind.

Objects of the Karrinyup Community Men’s Shed:

  • to create an inclusive environment for men to meet, create projects, learn, teach, and support each other, and enjoy the support of the working environment.
  • for members to develop, redevelop or learn new skills which will enhance their self-esteem, and in turn provide a positive impact upon their lives, their family and the community.

Men’s Sheds offer a place for men to stand “shoulder to shoulder, not face to face”. There are many factors in the increased demand for Men’s Sheds, including the standard “quarter acre block” being replaced by smaller properties (so no place for a personal shed), people moving to smaller houses and people living longer. Men’s Sheds provide access to better equipment, companionship of like-minded individuals, opportunities to learn new skills or something simple like a cup of tea.

Sheds are also open to men who have certain medical conditions provided they attend with a full time carer. Some Men’s Sheds allow access to women but with schedules organised to ensure that the men can still have their “men only” times.

This project has been achieved because of Rotary and is an excellent example of Rotary making a difference to people’s lives. 

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