Author's Name: Peter Polain
Date: Fri 16 Sep 2022

Golden Project Update September 2022


In late August, President Jenni, Peter Durrant and Peter Polain met with two Councillors and the two key City of Stirling (CoS) directors. We came away feeling that the mood was positive and the meeting productive.

CoS has a Management Plan for Lake Gwelup and our proposal is to undertake one component of that. The City will mainly be looking at some infrastructure by way of extending pathways and also public art.

It was agreed that our component will focus on a walking trail and that our project will be all about story-telling, reflecting Indigenous Heritage, European history, ecology and bio diversity.

This will involve signage, the exact physical form of which will be determined by CoS but may look something like one of the signs from Carnaby Reserve and Lake Monger.

The message content of the signs will be collated by us and in conjunction with CoS. Discussions have already commenced with Len Yarran and Kirsty Pupazzoni from FOLG. Peter will meet with the CoS Historian and their Museum curator to discuss European history.

The signage needs a focal or starting point and the CoS are calling this a trailhead. Its function is to direct people to what they will find in the reserve. It could be a large 'billboard' type of structure but we prefer something more substantial, attractive and with more than one purpose. We have met on-site with architect Alex Godfrey with a view to finding a suitable location and for Alex to then come up with concept designs. It will then be up to us to convince CoS of the merits of such a facility.

The CoS are now looking positively at the project commencing in the 2023 - 2024 financial year and to achieve that they need to have all decisions made and costed by Christmas.

Coming from no progress a couple of months ago, we are now under the pump to pull the planning together before Christmas.

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