Author's Name: Jane Wake
Date: Fri 23 Sep 2022

Help for Perth Homeless Support Group


Members of the RC Karrinyup Homeless Working Group and friends recently prepared food and distributed it to the homeless through the Perth Homeless Support Group.

On Friday, they met at the Perth Homeless Support centre in Bayswater and prepared sandwiches, desserts and packed cakes ready for distribution on Sunday. John and Paul cracked jokes all morning, which kept the group entertained.

This is a very well-run centre with friendly staff, who co-ordinate everything on the day. The Karrinyup Rotary group made 400 rounds of sandwiches, packed 200 cakes and biscuits and completed 200 jelly and custards. Karrinyup Rotary’s Community Service budget provided funds for the purchase of food for the day. Everyone agreed it was a wonderful experience, which they are keen to repeat.

The following Sunday, the team met at the homeless hub in Moore Street, next to McIvor Station, to distribute food, clothing, toiletries and books. This is a very streamlined operation with team leaders organising all aspects of the day. Orange Sky provided washing machines and showers and there was also a hairdresser on site. There were forty volunteers from various organisations. Trestle tables are set up and manned by volunteers. Patrons move in an orderly fashion and collect the goods they require.

On average, this event helps 200 people every Sunday. It is an amazing achievement from an organisation, that receives no Government funding. Statements from our members include “just so empowering”, “makes you feel humble”, “when can I do this again?”, “how does this happen?”, “what a wonderful organisation”.

The Perth Homeless Support Group can always use assistance and anyone can volunteer for either or both the Friday or Sunday. Contact the centre by email to Tansy:

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