Earth Committee Community Collaboration


Members of RC Karrinyup recently attended a social event seeking to collaborate with Friends of Trigg Bushland

Rotary International’s new area of focus is caring for the environment in ways, which will bring about positive change in the world. RC Karrinyup’s Earth Committee is charged with working on projects designed to nurture our planet.

Friends of Trigg Bushland are a group of volunteers, who maintain Trigg Bushland with monthly events of weeding and cleaning up rubbish. They also offer guided walks to educate people about the environment.

The objects of the Friends of Trigg Bushland are to:

  • conserve and rehabilitate the natural environment,
  • value passive recreation and educational use,
  • preserve the tranquillity of the reserve,
  • cooperate with related organisations in respect of conservation,
  • make representations to local, state, and national government and other bodies on matters deemed to be in the interest of the users of Trigg Bushland,
  • develop a high level of public participation in all projects associated with these objectives, and
  • maintain formal contact with the City of Stirling.

RC Karrinyup looks forward to learning more about this unique environment, while the Friends of Trigg Bushland have welcomed the opportunity to make use the community stall at the Stirling Farmers’ Market to reach the wider community and also to present to a wider group of Rotarians at a meeting in the near future.

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