Support for SCKATE 2022


Jenny became aware of a dire situation for children in Mombasa, Kenya on a visit to Africa many years ago. From illiterate parents and without access to schooling, the children’s future was not bright. Some also had health problems and suffered from malnutrition. By setting up Southern Cross Kenya Aid to Educate (SCKATE) and raising funds, Jenny was able to build an infants and primary school that not only taught the children but also provided them nutritious food, with the aim of educating and empowering the people of the community. The project has received support from Karrinyup Rotary for many years.

Before COVID, Jenny would visit each year to oversee the work and ensure the funds raised were spent wisely. The administration of the school has now been handed over to another group. However, Jenny still supports her original group of students, now long out of primary school, and shared with us the following update.

'High School Students - Currently we have eleven students in high school and out of these one will be graduating this year. One of our students received an excellent score in the National exam to graduate from primary school and was offered a place at Celebration High School with full sponsorship,thanks to the assistance we were able to organise with a group of sponsors in Germany brought about by one of our ex-volunteers, Vanessa.

Four of our students completed high school last year and we are in the process of exploring options for technical courses that we can afford to support them through. They may need to wait until some of students complete their studies this year as we have very limited funds.

Students in Technical Colleges - We have nine students in technical colleges studying various courses. Four are doing plumbing, two students are taking an electronic course, one is doing a forklift and large machinery course and another student has nearly completed a truck driving course. We also have one student studying catering.

University - We are extremely proud of one of our students, Matthew Matano. He graduated from high school with an excellent score that made him eligible for entry into a national university. He has chosen to study a Bachelor of Economics and Statistics. I have just received his first semester report and he received 3 A’s, 2 B’s and 1 C.

Over the years I have received such amazing support from the Rotary Club of Karrinyup, for which I am extremely grateful. Thank you !!!'

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