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2016 - 2017 President's Report


'It seems like only yesterday we were at the WA Golf Club and Heather was handing the Chain to me – and yet here we are Rotary 46 meetings and 50 market days later.

In that time, we have farewelled Amanda and welcomed Hannah – seen Lauren return from Georgia, Adrian from Poland – sent Matt to Japan and a team to Zambia.

We’ve supported Adi and April on Science trips to both Canberra and Singapore.

Celebrated Hat Day, Halloween, the Stirling Farmers Market’s fifth Birthday, Christmas, Australia Day, Chinese New Year, Anzac Day, our 43rd Birthday and now the completion of another fabulous year.

We’ve learned about Bees and Emu Wars, Alaska and the Alexander Technique, explored cruising and customer service, heard ghost stories, found the Sydney and so much more.

We have participated in Quiz Nights, Joint Meetings, Vocational visits and Race Days - and held a fundraising dinner with Joyce for our International Project.

We have welcomed new members Danielle, David, Murray, Kevin, Bruce,  and Kay.

We have completed the Mooro Tours seating project and finally handed over the EarBus.

And to be frank, those are just the highlights; but in short, I think it’s safe to say we have realised our 2016 - 2017 goal of serving humanity.

I have said on a few occasions this year – the real beauty of our club is that every member contributes. Yes, there are some who are willing and able to commit an amazing amount of time, and do so on an ongoing and almost relentless basis – but there are others who – due to their particular circumstances - be they health, wealth, stage of life, family or work commitments – can realistically only do so much.

But as we know, every bit counts and the real magic happens when you combine all these bits and see how they not only add up, but multiply to achieve something that truly is amazing!

This year, like most for the club – has been incredible and I want to thank each and every one of you for what you have done – big or small - and how you have supported our club.

In particular, our Board of Directors have been everything a President could hope for  - talented, committed, efficient, hardworking and full of ideas, energy and enthusiasm. They have ensured success in all avenues of service without missing a beat and I thank them all for making my job so much easier.

A special thanks to Heather who will step away from the board this year – one less role for the amazing lady who carries so many hats – I wish I could say enjoy the break Heather but I know you will still be working tirelessly for the Club, for the Market and for others.

Thank you too, to those who worked so hard to make tonight a success, Phil who has done such a wonderful job organising the venue, décor, attendance and seating plans, Danielle for the photos and Russell for acting as MC.

It has been a privilege to serve as the 43rd President to lead this amazing Club. I am in awe of you all and all that you do – thank you so much for your commitment, your support and your friendship'.

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