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Update from Ndola- March 2018



On a recent private visit to Zambia, our member Nchima scheduled a visit to the school. The visit was aimed at continuing to build on our relationship with Arising Life Ministries, to check on current state of affairs and review RC Karrinyup funded projects. He spent a whole day with Joyce Chimbila the Director of ALMS, her staff and the lovely children at ALMS. Below is his report:

Visit to the School – Current Premises

  • On our way to the school whilst driving through Mushili Bonano, which is ALMS catchment area, you can’t help it but notice the poverty and misery of the locals especially children. Even though it is a working day, the community is full of people and children seemingly doing nothing, undoubtedly most people here are unemployed and children out of school. Most of the children look malnourished with a sense of despair in their eyes. I add this to my report to highlight the need for ALMS and the important service they are providing to the community.
  • Part of the road as you approach the school is gravel, it is in a very bad state of repair, the rains have worsened the situation making some areas barely accessible by car. As you approach the school, the road is completely covered in potholes and is in dire need of some repair.


ALMS now have two vehicles. One donated by Hartwell Church and the other by a private well-wisher from the USA. One of the vehicles is used by the director and doubles up as a school bus when kids have school engagements, the other a light truck that is predominantly used at the new site to ferry materials, animal feed etc., it is also used for general operations i.e. buying food supplies at the current school. Keeping true to their values ALMS have invested in vehicles that support a cause for the kids. From experience, it is common to see similar organizations purchasing luxury cars.


  • The current premises consist of houses, classrooms, offices, kitchen and male and female toilets. It is well maintained, neat and tidy.
  • They have recently completed renovating a kitchen which is a vital component for ALMS in their quest to provide healthy meals for the children.
  • Due to the growing number of children, the council demanded for more toilets to be built on site. Construction of two male urinals and a toilet and three female toilets had commenced during my visit.
  • Due to inadequate facilities, they have had to introduce an afternoon stream of classes, they now have a morning and afternoon stream. This allows for resources such as teachers, text books, classrooms etc. to be shared amongst the children.


  • ALMS currently has 5 teachers including a fully qualified and experienced senior teacher, again testament to their desire to provide good quality education.
  • ALMS have employed a finance and administration manager, a university graduate qualified with a Bachelor of Finance. Her story is one that touched my heart. She turned down a well-paying job offer at Northrise University because of her faith in ALMS and her desire to assist underprivileged children.
  • One fully trained counsellor.
  • One cook.
  • Joyce as director oversees the whole team.

The Children

It was such a pleasure to see some of ALMS Children have now successfully qualified into secondary school. These kids are testament of the good works of the organization. The secondary school children looked happy, full of life, optimistic and indeed truly now have a bright future.

School numbers as below;

Secondary School – Government Main Stream

The kids in secondary school are fully sponsored by ALMS including school fees, uniforms, books etc.

  • Grade 9 – 6 pupils
  • Grade 8 – 7 pupils

Primary School

  • Grade 7 – 10 pupils. Exam year to enter secondary school
  • Grade 6 – 13 pupils
  • Grade 5 – 12 pupils
  • Grade 4 – 15 pupils
  • Grade 3 – 12 pupils
  • Grade 2 – 12 pupils
  • Grade 1 – 12 pupils

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