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Support for Camp Quality 2018


Camp Quality aims to provide a better life for every child living with cancer in Australia and has been operating since 1983. On Sunday 29th April a group of RC Karrinyup members attended the final day of the Camp Quality “Middle Camp” (for children aged  10 to 13) at Woodman Point.

There were 95 children each with a carer plus support staff and organisers. The final day was a “carnival” with various activities for the children to enjoy. The Rotarians anticipated providing help but it was so well organised that there was little actual work for them to do. They did, however, get a first-hand look at the good work that Camp Quality does and this was again a highly successful camp. Some members stayed for lunch, which gave them more opportunity to talk to the carers, who come from far and wide to help out. Just prior to our departure the group received a formal thanks from the children.

During the morning many of the organisers, carers and children approached the Rotarians to thank the Club members for their input and for the financial contribution, which paid for the attractions. However, the Rotarians agreed they gained much more from the experience than they gave.

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