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Donation to Interplast 2018


Thanks to the contributions from 24 Rotary Clubs within the 9455 district; we have been able to fund a number of Interplast activities this year. Thank you to your club for your financial contribution.

The activities funded by D9455 are summarised;

  • The delivery of a surgical and mentoring program at Yangon hospital in Myanmar: This program was fully funded by D9455. The week-long visit from 4-11 December 2017 was attended by three plastic and reconstructive surgeons, one Anaesthetist, two theatre nurses and nurse educator. The program focus was an advanced surgical mentoring and nurse education program, based within the Yangon General Hospital.
  • Supporting the delivery of a surgical program to Tonga which was undertaken from 21 Feb to 1 March 2018. This is an annual general plastic and reconstructive surgery program. 88 Consultations were undertaken, with 31 operations done and training of some 10 local peronnel. D9455 funded half of this program. 
  • Funding towards the development of resources for the full launch of the Interplast resource library. The online database providing training materials for our volunteers and local trainees.
  • Funding of the  following medical equipment purchases 
  • A skin grafting knife and replacement blades have been provided to the hospital in Murun Mongolia.
  • A diathermy machine. Diathermy is the use of a high frequency current used for cutting or coagulating tissue.
  • A set of microsurgical loupes with headlight which are invaluable for hand and cleft surgery.

Ongoing contributions from District 9455 Rotary Clubs

Our district 9455 has set a target of raising sufficient funds with support of clubs within the district for one medical team to Asia/Pacific each Rotary year.

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