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2017 - 2018 President's Report


'Over the last few years the dynamics of Rotary have changed dramatically, and rapidly, within our own club and the world of Rotary at large. In my opinion our club has managed this well. At the last Council of Legislation, the administrative body of Rotary International responsible for any changes to Rotary, there were a couple of interesting amendments that our club of Karrinyup had already anticipated. One was that strict attendance to club meetings is not compulsory and another was that our meetings can be held more or less as the club thinks fit.

We have a number of members that do not attend on a regular basis but their attachment to the Rotary ideals are still strong. Whilst they miss out by not attending our meetings they serve in other areas. We have also made our meetings less formal and there could be room to move with this aspect. Some clubs meet every two weeks, or, without a meal and some other variations.

Will these moves ensure our club’s continual progress? Time will tell. It certainly needs exploring and is certainly a challenge to the new board and the rest of us as members. It will mean a compromise between the various factors and players in our club. Compromise is a tricky thing, it needs concessions, tolerance, communication and understanding from all points of view.

In regard to the year just completed, Phil thanked the board for their support stating that each director had the confidence and ability to complete an excellent year. The Stirling Farmers’ Market continues to go from strength to strength and is perhaps the cornerstone of our club’s success. It also achieves a great bonding between all members. 

Youth Service has never been stronger in the entire club’s history than in the last few years thanks to the tremendous efforts of those devoted few. International Service is breaking new ground with the Zambia project, which is well advanced; Community Service supported an enormous array of various wonderful organisations both with money and manpower; our penetration into the social media continues to astound, maybe even baffle many; the financial books not only balance but show solid and skilfull growth; and we had an interesting list of speakers at a great venue.

Thank you to all concerned. To top it all off, the long awaited Men’s Shed has become a fact. 

Our club also met all of Rotary’s Australian and International financial obligations to a plethora of great Rotary charities and causes. I feel confident that our club has realised Rotary International's 2017 - 2018 goal of 'Rotary making a difference'. Phil further stated that he has been honoured to be president this year and has thoroughly enjoyed it.

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