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Author's Name: Peter Polain
Date: Mon 29 Oct 2018

Karrinyup Community Mens Shed


The Karrinyup Community Men’s Shed took possession of its new premises at 6 Jedda Rd, Balcatta on 1 June. Despite being in Balcatta, it was decided to keep the name Karrinyup, as we have been working with that for three years and, who knows, one day we might be in Karrinyup.

So far the focus has been on getting the shed to an operational position. We had to upgrade the electrical system to accommodate the machinery and we have built several work benches. We have acquired several pieces of machinery and expect to purchase a few more in the very near future. We will then be in a position to have members undertake a wider range of tasks and activities. We have also accumulated a good supply of timber but are always on the lookout for more.

Outside the building a gardening group has established a vegetable garden, which will be expanded over time. They have built raised garden beds, so that the need for bending is reduced, and installed a reticulation system. The beds are adjacent to an existing mulberry tree and the start of a herb garden.

We have a separate storage shed, about the size of a single garage, which we use for storing timber. To one side of the shed is a roofed area under which we will be paving this week. Ross Daniel is supervising this project and on completion it will be an ideal morning tea area as it is also well shaded by a huge Moreton Bay Fig tree.

Funding so far has been from RC Karrinyup but we are soon to receive a Federal Government grant and are hopeful of another in a couple of months’ time.

We presently have 44 members, who attend sessions from 8.30am to 12.30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. They are getting started on community service projects as well as doing small jobs to produce income for the shed. Email or call  0451 642 231 for more information.

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