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Award to English Educator


Meredith Dawn, Head of English at Warwick Senior High School, goes above and beyond to support secondary students to achieve their potential. Having worked at the school since 2004, Meredith’s work often goes unnoticed as she does not seek to draw attention to the countless hours she puts in to assist students in their educational development.

Meredith, together with the members of the English Department, runs an annual Speech Competition to enhance the public speaking skills of the students at the school. This not only builds confidence in an important life skill but assists students to prepare for the transition to tertiary education. Meredith will meet with students on almost a daily basis, outside of the classroom, to assist them to review, edit and improve their work, as well as to provide support and counselling when needed.

She believes that each student matters and that they have the potential to succeed. Meredith is an inspiration to her colleagues and is thoroughly deserving of recognition for her efforts to improve the English and literacy skills of her students. She makes a difference to the lives and educational outcomes of the students at Warwick Senior High School.

As an English teacher, Meredith has long been recognised as one of the best in the State. Her ability to support students, many of whom would be considered to come from disadvantaged backgrounds, in their pursuit of educational opportunities knows no bounds.

As Head of English, Meredith is tasked with the responsibility of leading a team of educators to improve student outcomes in English and literacy at the school. Through her tireless work, she has guided improved results in both writing and reading. A student with improved outcomes in reading and writing has better employment, training and/or educational pathways. Meredith’s leadership in improving literacy standards ensures that no student is left behind.

Meredith is a kind and most humble educator; yet will never compromise her belief and values. She is an advocate for those that struggle to have their voice heard and a tremendous support to students and staff members alike.

President Robyn stated that Meredith is a remarkable educator and was her very great pleasure to award her, on behalf of the RC Karrinyup, a Paul Harris Fellow, which is Rotary’s way of expressing recognition of a substantial contribution to education in our community.

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