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Author's Name: Eddy Giacomel
Date: Wed 02 Dec 2020

Support for Foodbank WA 2020


TheRotary Club of Karrinyup has had a long association with Foodbank WA,having been involved since its inception in the early 1990’s. Our Charter President Graham Fosbery, served as a Director, during those early years. He was also instrumental in introducing our late Past President Barry Tibbits to the Foodbank Financial committee, where he was able to provide professional financial services and guidance during a difficult period of rapid growth at Foodbank.

This week, Aggie Przybylo, seen here with former Community Service Director Peter, visited our club to bring us up to date with recent developments. Aggie is the current Foodbank WA Community Engagement representative.

Before COVID-19, food insecurity was a daily reality for tens of thousands of West Australians. However, the pandemic, which has disrupted almost every aspect of our lives saw Foodbank looking at empty shelves, as supplies became scarce. At the same time more and more people found themselves in a situation where they were forced to turn to Foodbank for help. Many of these were people with “food insecurity” – i.e. no food in the house and no money to buy food. After paying other essential expenses, there was nothing left for food. 

In addition to using donations to purchase food, Foodbank “rescues” food that would otherwise go to landfill. This is food that is perfectly fit to be eaten but cannot be sold by supermarkets because of damaged packaging, being close to its expiry date or something simple as having an error on its label. In Perth alone this amounts to 500,000 kg of food.

Foodbank produces 1500 frozen meals per week from a kitchen operated by a chef and dozens of volunteers. This year, Foodbank rose to the challenges presented by COVID-19, i.e. a greater demand for services amid the restrictions on volunteers being able to work together.

The School Breakfast Program is one of the most important and unique programs run by Foodbank WA. It supplies food products to registered schools free of charge, to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to receive a wholesome, nutritious breakfast on a regular basis. 21,000 children across 475 schools benefit from the school breakfast program almost every school day.

Aggie thanked the Club most sincerely for its generous support over the years, which has totalled $33,000. The club has just recently made a substantial annual donation.

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