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ShelterBox Update 2021


When people are plunged into crisis, Rotary Community Service Project ShelterBox Australia provides the tools that enable people to rebuild homes and transform their lives.

RC Karrinyup has long been a supporter of the project and this week Rotary in WA ShelterBox Chair June Wade, seen here with International Director Ken, attended our meeting to share updates on what ShelterBox is doing to overcome COVID-19 restrictions.

Members are already familiar with the magic green boxes. The kit of equipment, includes tents and other humanitarian aid to people in times of crisis due to natural disaster or conflict and can house a large family. They are filled with practical tools and utensils that help create the framework for everyday life.

Since starting in the UK some twenty years ago, ShelterBox has since grown into an independent organisation in Australia. June spoke of coping with COVID-19. While restrictions on travel did cause some inconvenience, the disruption to operations was minimised because much stock is stored in different countries. Also, although the usual response teams were grounded, the organisation was able to call upon local NGOs, such as the Red Cross, to whom training courses were given online. Many of the items for the box could be purchased locally, which also aided the local economy. 

ShelterBox kits now include soap, a plastic basin and messaging on how to minimise the risk of catching COVID-19.  June demonstrated some solar powered lights that are quite useful to people in emergency situations. These also come with a phone charger, which is very useful as electrical mains power usually takes some time to be restored after a disaster occurs.

June stated that the organisation is looking for volunteers and invited Rotarians to sign up to use their particular skills to make a real difference to families around the world in time of crisis. Find out how.

Ken assured June that our annual donation is on its way. Read more about ShelterBox.

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