Rotary Impacting Lives Danjoo Koorliny


Karrinyup Rotary has been privileged to support Riding for the Disabled Carine for eighteen years. Led by builder Ross, together with engineer Stuart, the club was integral in providing the leadership, advice, consultancy and technical expertise to convert RDA's need for an all weather facility into a proposal that could be submitted for both approval and funding for the facility, which opened in 2019. At the recent renaming ceremony to Danjoo Koorliny, one family told how the arena has provided an incredibly important place within the community and especially for their family. The club subsequently received an email and photos from Fiona and Andrew, which tell a beautiful Rotary story, well worth sharing. This is why we do what we do!

There is no question that this arena provides an incredibly important place within the community and certainly in the life of our family. As you’re aware, James has been involved for nearly 3 years and the progress he has made has been unmistakable. He started RDA as a little boy who was severely traumatised by heart surgery, subsequent life-support 2x with emergency interventions and so many other medical complications. When he first sat on a horse he was terrified - now, it’s the absolute joy of his week!

The confidence it has given him is remarkable, but the physical therapy aspect has led to greater gross and fine motor skills, resulting in the ability to write his name just this past month. This is such a huge achievement.  The smile on his face in this photo says it all and he now happily sits, backwards, sideways, waves to me with both arms and can now use reins. The Arena has provided a safe covered space to utilise in winter and summer. For us this was particularly significant as James also has a lung defect and on continuous prophylactic antibiotics (the same regime as a child with cystic fibrosis).  Being immune deficient and knowing that he is protected from the elements in winter has been a necessary and vital element to him riding. Words cannot begin to describe the difference Carine RDA has made to James and therefore, our lives also - thank you.

To now have Josh involved in Horse Vaulting is just fabulous. He is thriving and has his sights set on 2032 Olympics already! To have this available within our own community and be affordable, is such a privilege and gift. We have explained to Josh how extraordinary this is (instead of driving an hour and it only being an elite sport) and we are sure it will remain a firm and amazing memory of both their formative years.

We realise this is only a small part of everything you do. Rotary truly does impact and change lives forever - we treasure and recognise the significance of the gift of horse riding within our very own community and the incredible impact it is having not only for both our boys, but therefore our family as well.

Warm regards Fiona and Andrew, Joshua and James

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