Amanda's Year in Australia


In her final presentation to the RC Karrinyup, Amanda related that she had enjoyed several unexpected adventures during her exchange, lots of travel, personal growth and wide acceptance at the school, where she was honoured with the privilege of being a Student Councillor.  She will go home to Brazil with a much bigger family than when she arrived. During her speech it was very apparent just how much her very special new families mean to her.

Amanda related that some on the things she expected included, being open to many new experiences, getting to experience and understand the Australian culture, learning to become independent and to improve her English.

Some of the things she did not expect included babysitting a kangaroo, finding many similarities with Brazil, learning to call Perth 'home' and, in January of 2016, experiencing the hottest week of her life! 

She said that her school, Warwick Senior High School was different because she could choose her subjects. She also had the wonderful experience of gaining a place on the Student Council, which enabled her to meet more of the students. 

Amanda outlined her stand out experiences as exploring Fremantle and entering a photo competition, pursuing an interest in soccer, snorkelling, swimming and investigating nature. She really enjoyed travelling on the southern tour, to Sydney for New Year’s Eve and, most especially, the Northwest Safari.

She was glad of the opportunity to participate in Community service in such activities as 'Climb for a Smile' and enjoyed her shifts for her Rotary club at the Stirling Farmers' Market.

A real bonus was the establishment of an International family of other exchange students, who understood and supported her and she has established many contacts from other countries, whom she hopes to visit in the future.

Above all, Amanda formed a real attachment to her host families and became quite emotional when speaking about leaving them. In the future she hopes to attend university and to travel and experience other cultures after that. She thanked the RC Karrinyup for making this amazing experience possible. 

Former Youth Services Director Carolyn expressed the club's great appreciation of our wonderful host families, without whom this fantastic program would not be possible. Amanda presented flowers to her host families, as a token of thanks from the club.

President Trish presented Amanda with an Akubra hat as a final farewell gift.

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