Update from Ndola August 2016


'Greetings. Trust all is well. Apologies for the long silence. We were waiting for the electricity to be connected to ALMS land. They kept on promising to connect almost a month now. Finally it was connected and the pumping of water from the bore hole has improved.

We had experienced a lot of problems pumping water to the surface and worse still to the two tanks using a gen set. We had a lot of break downs, which led us to buy another gen set, and another pump. Different engineers came to give us advice on how to improve the water flow.

The following were some of the proposals received from the experts after examination of the existing bore hole:

  • Since the water flow from the borehole is very low, dig and place an underneath 10,000 litres tank, or build a big enough store house on the surface where a 10,000 litres tank can be placed, which could store water and use a booster pump to pump water to the overhead tanks. This will ensure that there is always water in the overhead tanks.
  • Sink another bore hole over 100 meters deep on the identified places within the premises to provide a back-up to the existing borehole with a 10,000 litres capacity water tanks. The existing borehole was only about 55 meters deep, which was not deep enough. This may have a better overflow of water, this is because the existing borehole seems not to have adequate water to last until the dry season. The water flow from the borehole is very low.

We are not sure how much water is in the bore hole.


Alms concern is that it has livestock the piggery, and cattle, which need a lot of water at the moment. We have also a garden. We had grown tomatoes which did not do very well due to inadequate water supply. We have now grown onions and other indigenous vegetables. Apart from that we have two families living on the land plus other workers, who work there during the day. They all need water. Staff and students go to the land for sports every Friday. There is construction work going on as well, though not much. We need water for toilets as well. Water is critical on this land in all circumstances. Àll of these activities take place on this land even before the major construction works of the main school begin.


We wish to inform you that Kaloko area, which we are talking about has no water at all. People have been allocated plots by the Local Council and are constructing. They move long distances to fetch water. There are also people living in the same area, who suffer a lot without water. When they saw Alms sink a borehole, people within the surrounding area were hopeful that they might be drawing water from us, but it is not a situation on the ground, as we are also not sure how much water we have to share with others.

A second borehole would be welcome so that the surrounding community could be serviced at least even with clean drinking water to prevent diseases like diarrhoea and dysentery.


We are happy to report that electricity is now connected to Alms. This has improved the water flow as the water is now able to pump into the overhead tanks.


  1. Alms needs technical support to do the site plans.
  2. Alms needs to improve on the existing borehole by digging and placing a 10,000 litres tank underneath and procure a booster pump to help pump water into the overhead tanks. This will help have a bigger storage capacity to help do all the work, whilst thinking of sinking another borehole.
  3. Later on it would be good to have a second borehole sunk.


We are happy to announce that the trip to Australia is on. The Visa is already out. I intend to leave Zambia between 15 and 17 October 2016. I plan to travel to Perth mid November 2016, but this can be confirmed with you whilst there. We can plan more for the trip to Perth - it should be a time suitable to you and the team. I intend to travel back to Zambia 1st week of January 2017.

I look forward to meeting all our good friends and talk more on this important project and consolidate on our partnership."

Joyce Chimbila

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