Summary of the 2019 - 2020 Rotary Year


President Richard stated that this evening marked the end of a chapter for the Club, as it is traditionally the time for a changeover dinner. The Board had previously agreed that, due to the impact of COVID19, a formal changeover meeting would not occur at this time. Instead a formal Gala Evening is being planned, where members and guests are invited to celebrate the 2019-2020 Rotary Year and where Club awards will be presented.  More information and invitations on this will be sent in the very near future.

This Rotary year has been very unusual. It has arguably been one of the most challenging years in the Club’s history and certainly the most unprecedented with the impact of COVID19.

Richard acknowledged the many individuals, who have contributed towards the objectives of the Club. During the year, members have banded together and shown solidarity. There were opportunities for fun as well as the challenges with newer members getting involved in roles and activities.

Throughout the Rotary year, and even during the COVID-19 lockdown, the Board and Club Committees have met, on zoom when required, to continue progression of Club strategy, activities and planning. 

Richard acknowledged the outgoing Club Board and stated that their demonstrated leadership has enabled the Club to achieve 81% of the Operational Plan, which is quite amazing when one considers actions delayed or cancelled by COVID19. 

The Board has worked hard to ensure that in order to accommodate loss of income from the Stirling Farmers' Market closure and uncertainty of the COVID19 pandemic, adjustments were made to ensure Club viability. The Board has navigated through this extremely well and as a Club we have been able to continue the great work for which we are renowned. 

Richard then named the outgoing Board and asked them to stand. He led members in thanking them for their wisdom, advice and efforts throughout the year: Treasurer Klaus Nehyba, Secretary Carolyn Prunster, Community Service Director Mike Murphy, Fundraising Director Peter Polain, Youth Director Trish Lynch, International Service Director Ken Foggo, Vocational Service Director Kay Durrant and Club Service Directors Dawn Palm and Peter Durrant.  He also mentioned their endurance, when we were faced with isolation and the challenges of market closure.

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