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Paul Harris Fellow Honour to Bec


The Rotary Foundation helps fund our humanitarian activities, from local service projects to global initiatives. During the 1950's the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation were trying to encourage Rotarians to donate to the Foundation. They decided to honour those who had donated US$1000 in one gift, by giving them a special form of public recognition and calling them "Paul Harris Fellows." This is still the original intention. The Rotary Foundation, and those donations are the only reason that enables Rotarians to carry on a world-wide program of educational and humanitarian programs.

Many clubs, including RC Karrinyup, contribute significant amounts from fund raising activities to The Rotary Foundation. For each US$1000 contributed the club earns credits. The club may decide to use these credits to honour an individual whose life demonstrates a shared purpose with the objectives and mission of The Rotary Foundation to build world understanding and peace. The honour is not given lightly.

Rotary Youth Exchange enables life-long friendships with the families, Rotarians and fellow Exchange students. RYE cannot occur without host parents. Hosting involves taking the role of a parent to support the physical, emotional social and intellectual development of the student, imparting knowledge and sharing their ups and downs. Rebecca Chamberlain and her family have hosted for a number of years now, however, in 2018 the family experienced challenges with the sudden ill-health of one host parent and a long period of uncertainty. Bec maintained her resolve during these difficult times upheld her promise by going above and beyond, under the circumstances, to host the Club’s exchange student in his final few months. 

At the time, Rebecca was studying, maintaining a full workload, parenting two small children of her own, as well as the exchange student, whilst her husband was recovering from a long period of illness. Throughout her time as a host mother, Rebecca has engaged fully with each and every exchange student. Rebecca’s generous sacrifice and ‘service above self’ contribution to the Youth Exchange Program is testament to her shared purpose with the objectives and mission of Rotary and is most worthy of Paul Harris Fellow recognition. 

Congratulations Bec from all of us!

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