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Partnership Opportunities with RC Beaufort


Collaboration is fundamental to the creation of social change. Collaboratively combining skills, knowledge and expertise across sectors with other clubs enables Rotarians to have more impact on complex social problems than we can have when working alone. Recently RC Karrinyup hosted RC Beaufort to become acquainted and investigate ways in which our clubs could collaborate.

RC Beaufort President Linda McCormack told us Beaufort is a young club not yet three years old, made up of a very diverse group of non traditional people, who want to create “Positive Change through Collective Action!" They are keen to break down the barriers of old ideas. 

Some of the areas of focus include:

  • Journey to Reconciliation
  • A future for every young person,
  • Refugees and asylum-seekers health and well-being,
  • Reducing social isolation and loneliness/Mental health awareness,
  • Animal well-being and the natural environment.

They are keen to partner with other organisations to come up with projects that make the most of everyone’s skills and celebrate what we all have to offer.

RC Karrinyup President Richard Prunster said that our Club impact areas for 2019-2021 are Diversity, Inclusion, the Environment and social impact. We continue to strive to be successful by making a meaningful contribution to the community around these impact areas.

Just some examples of our projects have included:

  • Created a Vocational Educational Scholarship in partnership with Metropolitan TAFE for Aged and Disability Services Certificate III students.
  • Supported the 'My Home' project using secured grant funding as well as Club financial support. 
  • Launched the Diversity Scholarship Program to ensure potential leaders of tomorrow have access and opportunity for development, regardless of their financial means.  .
  • Seed funded and established the Karrinyup Community Men’s Shed, which is now financially self-sufficient.
  • Completed a relationship journey with Riding for the Disabled Carine, costing and engineering work completed for the replacement roof.
  • Established the 'Zambia Water Project' linking with Rotary Clubs in Ndola, Zambia to provide clean water for an orphanage.  

All of this was only possible due to fund raising which comes from the successful Stirling Farmers Market, a weekly presence in out local community. 

Following the presentations, members of the two Rotary Clubs mingled for discussions on ways in which they could embrace their differences, recognise that both were striving towards the same goals and assess ways in which collaborating or partnering on common projects could deliver more effective outcomes. 

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