Author's Name: Eddy Giacomel
Date: Fri 09 Jun 2023

RYLA and RYPEN in Rotary WA


Youth Director Trish Lynch introduced new District 9423 RYLA and RYPEN Chair, Ian Ball, who addressed the club on the benefits and operation of the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) and Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN).

RYLA – Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

  • 8-day camp for 18 — 28 year olds
  • Intensive program for emerging leaders with potential to grow through the experience
  • Develop skills including leadership, problem solving, communication, public speaking, teamwork, energy management, mental health, values, goal setting...
  • Range of physical and mental challenges over the course of the program
  • Build new friendships that can last a lifetime


  • "RYLA Leadership Quality" workshops cover the core aspects of RYLA:
    • General Leadership
    • Communication
    • Problem Solving
    • Small Group Dynamics
    • Resilience & Energy Management
    • Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence
    • Goal Setting
  • Other key areas:
    • Vulnerability
    • Mental Health
    • Teamwork

Facilitator Development

  • RYLA Participants may apply to facilitate RYPEN
  • To facilitate RYLA, they must have facilitated at least one RYPEN
  • This allows us to get to know facilitators and train them
  • Facilitator team gets as much out of the program as participants
  • We see it as an ongoing leadership development program, not just a one-off camp
  • Each RYLA, we take approximately 4 new and 4 experienced facilitators
  • Each RYPEN, we take approximately 7 new and 3 experienced facilitators

Participant Selection

  • All participants must have a sponsoring Rotary Club
  • We encourage participants to make contact themselves with their club
  • All participants are interviewed over Zoom for us to get to know them
  • Participants who have been sponsored by a Rotary Club get priority entry

Upcoming Camp

  • Dates: 5 - 13 January 2024
  • Currently putting together the facilitator team and beginning planning
  • Applications will open in July!
  • Cost (TBC):
    • Participants: $220
    • Rotary Clubs: $900

RYLA contact info – RYLA Chair Ian Ball,, 0402 491 139

RYPEN  Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment

  • Weekend camps for 14-17-year-old high-school students
  • Focus on "Fun with a Purpose"
  • Participants face a variety of physical and mental challenges over the weekend
  • Build skills in teamwork, leadership, decision making, problem solving
  • Make new friends!


  • Teamwork / Team building
  • High Ropes (challenging boundaries)
  • Asteroid Strike (consensus decision making)
  • Privilege
  • Mental Health
  • Leadership Styles
  • Communication & Problem Solving
  • Trust Games

Upcoming Camps

  • Dates:
    • 15 - 17 Sept 2023
    • 3 — 5 May 2024
  • Application forms for the September camp will be sent out in July!
  • Cost: $330

Information from questions and discussion following the presentation.

  • Participation in RYLA has been constant over the years, 35 – 40 applicants in WA
  • Benefits of combined districts in WA as spreading by word of mouth won’t matter which side of the river
  • Toastmasters gave good public speaking advice.

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