Author's Name: Sandra McGuire
Date: Sat 28 May 2022

Vocational Training in Andon


Stellar Child Care Organisation (SCCO) develops sustainable education and employment opportunities in Cambodia. SCCO was founded ten years ago by three independent Australian women who volunteer all of their time and all money raised goes directly to their projects. The focus is on practical projects, that provide long-term, sustainable solutions in education, family support and income generation. 

One such project is the vocational training of young men and women in Andong. Andong is a displaced community outside Phom Penh. The careers targeted provide families with a stable income and are vital in breaking the poverty cycle. Vocational training has become even more crucial with many young people unable to complete high school due to COVID shutdowns.

With this in mind Karrinyup Rotary International Committee has been working with SCCO to provide support to train up to ten young men and women each year to provide the income required to feed and house their families. Depending on the courses available some young people will complete a six month or a twelve month course such as computing, electrical, cooking etc.

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